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Un-agoraphobic offers a comprehensive, step-by-step self-help program for overcoming agoraphobia and panic attacks. Since overcoming his own disorder twenty years ago, Mathew has been leading support groups and recovery programs for people with agoraphobia. He understands what agoraphobes need and how to deliver it.

No one knows exactly what causes agoraphobia or panic attacks, but it clearly involves some mixed up messages in the brain. The good news is that recent neuroscience research proves the brain is retrainable — at any age. The program shows you how to re-program your mis-directed and mis-firing amygdala .

The basis for this recovery plan for anxiety disorders is a highly structured approach each day. Mathew provides a daily schedule that lays out a clear set of activities, steps and considerations for conquering this affliction, including:

  • studying and writing every day
  • cultivating present-moment thinking
  • taking a new approach to food and eating
  • choosing a therapist
  • starting a peer support group
  • using visualization techniques specifically designed for overcoming anxiety and panic
  • taking medications, if appropriate
  • dealing with children, spouse, parents, friends, coworkers, teachers, bosses, and more
  • taking your Very Big Trip away from your safety zone (only when you’re ready)

Mathew, who worked in mental health for 17 years after his recovery,  includes FAQs, general survival tips, and a special chapter on tips for spouses and loved ones.

Un-Agoraphobic is candid, funny, prescriptive, and spot on for panic disorders — by an author with a lot of life experience under his belt.



9 thoughts on “The Book

  1. I’m only to chapter 3 and loving it already! Spot on! I’m listening to on audible because I drive a lot for work! Love the guy that is narrating it, he really captures the essence of what you wrote! I’ll keep you posted on my progress! I’m very hopeful that this is exactly what I’ve been looking for to help me overcome my anxiety and panic disorder and hopefully be able to finally come off of medication! Thanks!

    • You sound very spirited; that’s the kind of energy you’ll need to do the work every day. Faithful repetition of the activities and practices is what will turn the boat around and get you back to being you. Keep it simple and make steady progress. You might consider guest blogging for the website at some point. Best wishes – Hal

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