Where Are You Right Now?

  I repeatedly stress to sufferers of panic disorder that learning to meditate and to perform your daily activities with full, mindful focus is what will lead you out of the morass you’re in. I can’t think of a better model for explaining the importance of living in the present than Eckhart Tolle.

Tolle (tolay) is the German Canadian author of “The Power of Now” who reports he spent much of his early life in deep depressive despair. He says he was in a very dark time  when, at age 29, he had a transformation – he realized he could live his life in bliss just by living every moment completely immersed in the time called now.

I have a chapter in my book on engaging in mindful activities as well as meditation in order to steer your mind clear of the anxiety-provoking future and the depression-invoking past. Focusing every day on your recovery program is what I give you as a way to work always in the present moment.  I had to learn how to escape the all-consuming presence of anxiety for at least brief periods of time so I could know what I was searching for.  I know that getting into a clear state of mind was what allowed me to be creative – to invent ways to heal myself.

The reason I think Tolle is so brilliant at helping folks learn this vital skill, or habit, or way of being, is that he, when you see and hear him, is the perfect embodiment of peace and joy. His sweet face and compassionate manner are the result of being always here instead of back there or on up there.  I have watched hours of youtube vids on meditation and living in the present, and somehow get the most help from Tolle.

I’m giving you a link to a vid that will help you see what he’s about, and you will see many more presentations from him on a variety of subjects.  Do what he tells you and what I tell you and you will free yourself from your own prison.


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