Add Up Your Gratitude

Expressing gratitude about the significant experiences of the year soon gone will help you get started on the right foot for what lies ahead. List in your journal the top few or several occurrences that made a difference for you in 2014 or at least got you thinking differently about something related to panic disorder. Speaking of gratitude, you are reading words that I wish I could have read decades ago when I was still heavily under the influence of panic attacks. I am writing this because I know how grateful I was to uncover something, anything, new or revealing about panic disorder.

My agoraphobia began in the early 60’s, and there was not much available for lay people to read about chronic anxiety and panic attacks. Be grateful to the information age (early 80’s on) for making it possible for people with mental illness to learn more about their condition.

What else are you grateful for? What else, besides discovering unagoraphobic got you thinking about ways to get out of the mess you’re in? It could have been a personal insight, or the words or deeds of others; it could have been scientific or academic research. Think of things that stood out for you and record them with a paragraph or so about why you are grateful for that particular thing. The more you understand about what has worked for you, the better you’ll be at doing things now that will work for you. When you record these reflections on 2014 you’ll learn more about yourself, vital to your recovery.

I hope your strongest expressions of gratitude are toward yourself for having come this far and for having at least the beginning of a plan for total recovery from chronic panic attacks.


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