Wanna Read Some Real Brain Science?

I write extensively in Un-Agoraphobic about your amygdala’s role in your panic attacks and how you can re-train the #%#!&@&!#! traitorous false alarm-creating organ. (Now, now Hal – remember: every month is “Be Kind to Your Amygdala Month” from now on.)  Sorry. I forgot for a second there that I’m not mad at my amygdala like I was when trying to survive the daily lightning storms caused by I knew not what. I never even heard the word “amygdala” until many many years after I started having panic attacks – age 10.

I’ve done a lot of reading about the amygdala’s role in our misfortune and have written about it in blogs and in my book. I like to think I provide information to people like a journalist who doesn’t have to follow all the grammar and order rules, just the truth rule. I hope you are able to understand more about brain science as it relates to you as I’ve written about it in the book. I do, however, write in kind of easy going, casual Hal language – sort of the opposite of scientific writing.

I came across some scientific writing recently about studies done on the amygdala’s role in panic attacks.

You might occasionally come across a string of words that might cause you to rupture a synapse if you try to wade through them. Stop and breathe. They’re only words and the people who wrote them aren’t necessarily all that much smarter than us – they just have specific knowledge and know bigger, cooler words and how to use them. Here are some links:






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