Bragging on Myself

I got some good news about my book Un-Agoraphobic recently: a nicely positive review by Library Journal. This is a prestige publication that goes out to over 17,000 subscribers including most libraries and publishers. If libraries make their purchasing decisions based on such reviews, I could be widely available. How about that?!

The book has been in bookstores and Amazon for a little over a week, so it’s too early to tell much about sales. I’m hoping nearly everyone with panic disorder will hear about it eventually because I know it will help folks overcome this madness forever. I’m also writing for Psychology Today’s website as well as the newsletter Mindbodygreen.  My first article there, “Who’s Afraid of the Agoraphobic Wolf,” is appearing in their issue 10/9.

Writing to help people recover from chronic panic attacks is taking over my life in a good way. Saying that Un-Agoraphobic is the best book yet written on the subject of recovery from panic attacks and agoraphobia is bragging, of course, but I’ve read everything I could find on the subject and none of the other writers have proposed a structured, holistic, inclusive, compassionate program like mine. Most of the other writers in this field are professionals – therapists and doctors, and the few who write about recovery from a personal viewpoint are missing the clinical experience I had as a mental health social worker. Plus I’ve written professionally much of my life.

Here it is, Ta Da – my first review:

Library Journal review:

Mathew, Hal. Un-Agoraphobic: Overcome Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Agoraphobia for Good; A Step-by-Step Plan. Red Wheel Weiser. Nov. 2014. 256p. bibliog. ISBN 9781573246392. pap. $18.95; ebk. ISBN 9781609259655. SELF-HELP

Using his own experience and what he’s learned in support groups and counseling sessions, journalist Mathew sets out to assist victims of agoraphobia overcome their panic attacks and anxiety. After giving basic information about the condition, he proposes a highly structured hour-by-hour plan for each day, which entails journaling, performing relaxation exercises, learning a new skill, and rewiring one’s brain. One of the keys to healing is practicing visualization techniques specifically designed for overcoming anxiety and panic. The author’s advice on seeking help from therapists and lawyers as well as dealing with partners and bosses rounds out the text. VERDICT Mathew not only delivers assurance to those suffering from panic attacks and agoraphobia but provides a way through difficult situations.


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