Heal Yourself With Loving Kindness

Meditation is an integral part of recovery from agoraphobia, but meditation can take many forms. I just read a recent article by one of my brother/sister bloggers at Psychology Today pointing that out. Emma Sepalla advises her readers to find a form of meditation that works for them. In her words, “You just have to find the shoe that fits.”

In the Un-Agoraphobic recovery program I recommend both sitting meditation and the meditation that comes while learning and practicing a new skill. I emphasize employing some form of meditation as a means to get out of your own head. Practicing loving kindness was the Buddha’s means of learning and teaching compassion as a way to attain a peaceful mind.

PhD Sepalla, a TED speaker on the subject, elaborates on the virtues of meditation and suggests learning to meditate by starting with something that comes easily to most: kindness. “Loving kindness” meditation, she says, can be a powerful healer because it brings out healing feelings such as empathy, compassion and love.

Her blog, “18 Science-Backed Reasons to Try Loving Kindness Meditation,”talks about the healing aspects of this basic tenet of Buddhism. The Buddha Dharma Education Association website says this about loving kindness meditation: “It acts, as it were, as a form of self psycho-therapy, healing the troubled mind, to free it from its pain and confusion.”

When you can begin focusing on loving compassion toward others you can begin practicing it on yourself – part of healing the whole you which will free you from panic disorder and agoraphobia forever. Un-Agoraphobic is available in bookstores and other places to purchase books on Oct. 1.




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