Therapeutic Value of Writing

You will be writing your recovery program in your journal day by day as you begin work on the Un-Agoraphobic plan. Writing is a vital part of your recovery: you write your goals, your accomplishments, your insights, your passions. What you write based on what you learn through the book is what will set you free from agoraphobia.

One of my brother/sister bloggers at Psychology Today has written a nice little piece about the therapeutic values of writing that I know you’ll enjoy reading. PhD Harriet Lerner’s article, “Five Ways Writing Can Make You Braver and Happier,” gives us several avenues for improving our lot by writing about it. Included in her humorous look at writing is the advice to write yourself a love letter. Who else, she asks, knows better what a lovable person you are?

I advise saying those 3 little words to yourself every day in the mirror, so that self love becomes a driving force in your healing process. Writing a love letter to yourself as Ms. Lerner recommends would give added value to your self love endowment. She also suggests writing as a means of self discovery. I know I often don’t know how I truly feel about a subject until I begin writing about it. That’s why I have you writing about your passions as part of the assignment in Un-Agoraphobic, appearing in bookstores Oct. 1.

Look for Ms. Lerner’s blog on writing at in the topic stream “Creativity.” She is author of the book The Dance of Anger. My blogs on agoraphobia appear at the same Psychology Today site in the category “Personal Perspectives.”


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