Need More Proof You can Recover?

Have you abandoned hope that you’ll ever be entirely free from panic attacks and all the misery they provide? I was in that depressing  place of mind often during my 30 years in Agoraphobia Prison and wake up every day over 2 decades later grateful I no longer have to lead my life with that weight dragging me down.

I regularly read posts on the agoraphobia online support forums and am saddened to read people saying they hope to find a way to “cope with” and “manage” their panic disorder when there is so much evidence that you can “eliminate” the problem.  The way I eliminated panic attacks and agoraphobia from my life was to finally put all my energy into recovery and the effort paid off. I’d like to give you a way to create a new burst of energy for yourself – a big boost to get you going with a recovery plan. You are, I’m sure, acquainted with current brain science on the capacity we have to make changes in our brain’s wiring; now I want you to become a serious student of the subject.  Your assignment is to get a notebook and pretend you’re in class again  as you listen to talks by 3 scientists working in the field of  “neuroplasticity,” PhD. Rick Hanson, PhD. Richie Davidson and MD. Dan Siegel.

I am convinced that you will be so empowered by what you hear in their YouTube lectures that you’ll find the energy to throw all you have into a recovery program. These 3 professionals apply their knowledge in various ways, but at the center of their work is the ability of the brain to change through its owner’s efforts. Once you are convinced that your brain is not fixed and that you can actually do this… that you can completely overcome your fears and be panic free for life, you can get your notion back in motion.

To do so, begin a journal and do research every day to maintain inertia. There are two things I want you to understand before you begin your study: 1. Recovery will require hard work and dedication; 2. Neuroplasticity works both ways. You can change your way of thinking to positive, but you must continue the pattern to own it.  Your daily task is to think happy thoughts. It could be worse.

Check in with the blog for questions you’d like answered. Onward to recovery.



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