The “Alien” in You

Did you see the 1979 sci fi horror flick “The Alien” with Sigourney Weaver?  A terrifying destructive force in the form of a very scary creature invades a space ship and begins terrorizing the occupants. The most frightening aspect to the alien was that it could invade and take over a person’s body. When it happened, the person would behave sort of normally for awhile… until the awful reality came out.

The analogy of the cinematic alien to the alien creature called agoraphobia is uncomfortably clear. When I was suffering from panic disorder – the trembling sort of anticipation fear that makes you always feel as though something bad is about to happen – I felt like a victim of something strange and powerful that was inhabiting my body.  The toothy, snake-bodied creature exploded out through the chest of one space traveler it had inhabited and took two years off the lives of everyone in the movie theater. Kind of like a panic attack, only not as scary as the phenomena every agoraphobe fears.

The alien at one point emerged from hiding right in Sigourney’s face and she expressed such a convincing display of sheer terror that her first major role made her a movie star. Granted, she turned out to be an excellent practitioner of the thespian craft, but unless she’s had a panic attack she will never know the full meaning of terror in the way an agoraphobe does. Scared? You don’t know what scared means unless you’ve been through a horrific tragic event or have had a panic attack.

When you suffer panic disorder, the alien in you is bad programming. The panic control center in your brain – the amygdala – is an instant decision maker. No wishy washy ambiguity when the amygdala’s in charge. When the amygdala decides it’s time to be scared, it’s time to be scared and there’s apparently nothing you can do about it. That feeling of helplessness is one of the worst things about having a panic attack. As the hot blast of adrenaline is coursing through your body setting off alarms you’re like a frightened creature, desperate to escape danger. Luckily, there is something you can do about the alien in you.

The program in Un-agoraphobic will help you take control of your alien and re-train it to become a docile pet. No one need be a helpless victim of panic attacks. You can re-program your system so you’ll never have another panic attack – so you can go anywhere you want without the threat of the Monster suddenly appearing in front of you. Stay tuned to this blog and join the forum for questions and answers.


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